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Summer heat

Summer loving (or hating)

  Hannah L. |

Blame it on global warming, holy retribution or the uncontrollable gaseous emissions of a thousand cows, but warmer summers are here to stay. It seems like not too long ago I was moaning about the cold in April, and I got what I wished for. A blistering heat that sears my brain whenever I try to step out of my home, as if I were walking through the glowing coals of a BBQ grill but without the smoke.

Thank God for water though. Cold showers a few times a day may be impractical for some and not everyone has access to air-conditioning. The public baths are full of squealing children leaping joyfully without sunblock into the ammonia-scented waters that seem too deep for comfort. There are also large lakes all over Hannover where you can swim with your dogs (or with other random mammals) although one has to take caution in the absence of life guards, or in the presence of severely overweight ones. Last week I tried to canoe in the waterways of the Leine, meandering through blissful homes by the river, basking in its Stygian glory as my counterparts struggled with the paddling. Maybe I need to lose weight, yet it seems too hot for long-distance cycling or jogging.

Now is the best time to chill at beer gardens and beach bars with friends, or to get that nice tan you’ve been envisioning since winter. Nothing to spoil the mood with a couple of warm beers and melted chocolate bars. Ain’t it strange how the things that ought to be kept warm never remain as they should? Because my porridge and tea are always cold and I’m still thinking how best to milk the heat for all its worth.

Maybe I should follow that YouTube video and channel some of that summer heat into frying eggs and bacon on my iron, or charge up my solar lamp from Christmas which lies somewhere in my storeroom. Maybe sun-dry a few tomatoes and other hand-held fruits to nibble on when winter comes, because I’ll need all the energy I can muster to write my next whiny article.

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