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Meeting Places

Treffen Move it

Move it

Young people mobilise themselves and the world

Young people between the ages of 16 and 27, of all nationalities, learn about democracy, social commitment, self-assertion and many opportunities to actively participate in political and social life in many different workshops.
After joint actions and excursions in the initial phase, they develop in teamwork ideas how they could move something together in society, but also what potentials in each of them "slumber."
Move it is designed for three years, and will develop during this time with the wishes and ideas of the participants. Entry or exit is possible at any time.

Here is the LINK to the article about Move it on our website .



Start with a friend Patenschaftsprojekt

Start with a friend - Sponsorship project

From the welcome and arrival culture – nation- wide

A sponsorship project, which is currently spreading throughout Germany, with a philosophy that makes people want a relaxed coexistence of cultures.
If you want to take part, simply register online and find out on the website or in the event calendar of WiH, where and when the next meeting takes place in Hannover. Tandem partners can also be arranged via the Internet.


Klaus-Müller-Kilian-Weg 2
30167 Hannover
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Café F Freiwilligenzentrum

in the üstra Kundenzentrum

A contact point for all matters relating to civic engagement and volunteering.
The main task of the Volunteer Center is the promotion of civic engagement in all areas of society.
Advice to citizens interested in voluntary work, advising non-profit organizations that want to involve volunteers in their institutions and initiating their own projects. By initiating its own projects, the FWZ takes up social developments and supports social participation.
Mondays to Thursdays from 10am to 6pm and Fridays from 10am to 4pm You can reach us both by phone and in person at our business premises on the 2nd floor of the Üstra Customer Center in the heart of the city of Hannover.
The Café F is a place to stay, to meet, to experience, to engage.
Projects such as as training sponsors, people connect people, speech magic, radio by and for volunteers or the Christmas initiative.




Karmarschstraße 30-32
30159 Hannover
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Flüchtlingsnetzwerk Laatzen

Flüchtlingsnetzwerk Laatzen

Welcome to Laatzen!

Many people from war and crisis areas have found protection and security here. The network for refugees in Laatzen has been formed in cooperation with the town of Laatzen so that our new neighbours have the opportunity to integrate.

Opening times:
Thursday 10am-12pm

Telephone: 0511 / 34082615




Marktplatz 3
30880 Laatzen
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Interkulturelles Begegnungs- und Bildungscafé

Intercultural meeting and education café

With diverse small projects

Here "old and new" city (part) residents meet: they discuss with each other, make art together, deal with different languages or cook together. We want to show together with you that education can be fun - we want to experience education in connection with creativity as a leisure time activity together with interesting people.




Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1
30451 Hannover
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Kulturbüro Linden-Süd / Café Allerlei

Café Allerlei

Meetings in Linden-Süd

The Café Allerlei offers room for:

  • Meeting with other families from the district
  • Exchange on education issues
  • Time for fun and games with your kids
  • Networking in the district
  • Realization of own ideas and wishes

The offers are free and open to all. You can also volunteer to help in the café.




Allerweg 7
30449 Hannover
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Der Co-Working-Space auf der MiSO-Etage mit 4 PC-Arbeitsplätzen

Co-Working-Space des MiSO-Netzwerkes

The co-working space is an office space equipped with 4 PC workstations on the MiSO network. "The co-working space is a place to exchange of experience," says Project Manager Abayomi Bankole: "This is where practical knowledge transfer takes place."
The space can be shared by non-profit organizations and initiatives to work for the common good.

Register with Lesia Brezitska, Telephone: (05 11) 54 57 19 56




Mengendamm 12
30177 Hannover
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Welcome Board Niedersachsen

Welcome Board Lower Saxony

Promotion of international musicians in Hannover

Telephone (05 11) 64 27 92 04




Hedwigstraße 13
30159 Hannover
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Welt-in-Hannover.de bedankt sich herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung bei den vielen ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern, sowie zahlreichen Organisationen und hofft auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

Schirmherrin des Projekts Welt-in-Hannover.de ist Frau Doris Schröder-Köpf, Landesbeauftragte für Migration und Teilhabe.

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