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Volker Weiß_Publizist und Historiker


The New Right

The movement of the new right is struggling to gain influence with a new strategy .
Volker Weiß,publicist and historian, talks about this in the Kulturzentrum Faust.

  Pavel Ramme | 10.07.2018

The New ultra-conservative Right - or according to the historical retrospect of Volker Weiß, the New Fascist rRght - is whipping up emotions in the country. Volker Weiß, publicist and historian, provides an insight into the new rght-wing movement in his lecture at the Refugee Council Meeting.

The fact that racist or anti-Semitic ideas no longer have a place on the public stage today is now also understood by thinkers and leaders of the New Right. The New Right movement is reacting with strategies of deception and increased intellectualisation. A strategic building block consists in the deceptive self-presentation of being "only" conservative in order to blend in with established political currents. Instead of racist ideologies, it is better to represent an ethno-pluralistic world order. That sounds nicer, almost like a pluralistic, diverse society. What is meant is something completely different, namely a demarcation between states and ethnic groups, in order to protect and preserve the national culture. The new enemy image is thus the "foreign" cultural bearer. At its core, this means that Germany is the German and every other country is itself. The aim is to prevent the invasion of foreign cultures.

Volker Weiß sees this claim as sheer nonsense, with reference to the fact that migration and cultural exchange have been present since the beginning of mankind. Also, present-day German culture - in all its diversity - has emerged like any other culture, through exchange with other cultures, and is undergoing change constantly.

Another strategic component of the new right-wing movement is a reorientation of content. While Nazi ideology aims at preserving and establishing racial purity, the New Right is aiming for a purity of popular identity. Also new is that, instead of violent street demos and rough language , there is more emphasis on magazines, articles and political interference (AFD, Pegida, etc.) . The aim is to address increasingly academically educated sections of the population.

Nevertheless, Volker Weiß makes it clear that neither the AFD nor Pegida is the New Right, but ideas representative of the New Right can be found among the groupings mentioned above.
According to Volker Weiß, the fact that this development has been able to take its course has been due to the fact that intellectual cadres have been trained for decades and are now becoming politically active. It began with the movement of the New Right under Armin Mohler, who at the time tried to liberate Nazism from racial ideas and abandon the Holocaust with tricks, daring constructions, omissions and legends. This was addressed by Ernst Jünger, who later became a teacher of Götz Kubitschek. The latter likes to be shown with lots of media attention. He is one of the better known faces of the New Right movement.

Those of you who would like to know more about the interrelations and development of thr New Right the book written by Volker Weiß is to be recommended. Die autoritäre Revolte - Die Neue Rechte und der Untergang des Abendlandes‘, ISBN 9783608949070.

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