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Day of human rights

When will resistance become obligatory?

Laura Heda and Kathrin Apelt from the human rights alliance ask this question

  Martin Tönnies | 10.12.2019

Trailer to the event

Messages from citizens brought into contact with policy makers

Monday, 14.October 2019, 6pm, Kulturzentrum Faust. The alternative event to the election of the Lord Mayor of Hannover!

  Julian Mirabadi  | Martin Tönnies | 11.10.2019

Limmerstraße Festival

Colourful diversty on 4.09.2019 on Limmerstraße

A new Welt-in-Hannover.de - picture has been painted on the kargah stall .

  Martin Tönnies | 20.09.2019

Festival of Cultures

That is diversity

On 17th and 18th August a big festival was celebrated in front of Hannover Town Hall by people from many different countries . Kargah e.V. and Welt-in-Hannover.de were there, too.

  M. Puya Eslami | 23.08.2019

Suffering and gas masks

Film about the memorial to the Concentration Camp Conti Limmer (Guest contribution)

On the grounds of the future new settlement „Wasserstadt Limmer“ there will soon be a memorial to a concentration camp of the Nazi Era

  Wolfgang Becker | 12.08.2019

"Hannover cosmopolitan"

From the vision to the practice

Live multiplicity together Report about the impulse event in the Faust-Warenannahme in June 2019.

  Martin Tönnies | M Puya Eslami | 16.07.2019

"Flow Garden"

The floating gardens of Hannover

Educational and research project on the Maschteich, Autumn Festival planned for the 3rd.of October .

  Martin Tönnies | 21.05.2019

Weeks against racism

The WiH Team have produced a clip about this theme

Based on an idea by

  M. Puya Eslami | 18.03.2019

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Welt-in-Hannover.de bedankt sich herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung bei den vielen ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern, sowie zahlreichen Organisationen und hofft auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

Schirmherrin des Projekts Welt-in-Hannover.de ist Frau Doris Schröder-Köpf, Landesbeauftragte für Migration und Teilhabe.

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