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Christopher Street Day

Proud in Hannover

Christopher Street Day on June 4th is a place of dreams, wishes and big parties worldwide.

  Puya and Martin | 06.06.2022

Students for Peace

Demonstration on 15.03.2022

Joint peace demonstration of the regional student council and city student council in Hanover.

  M. Puya Eslami | 17.03.2022

World Women's Day

FLINTAs at the Opernplatz

  Martin Tönnies | 09.03.2022

Can Arkadaş

New project about bullying and exclusion

On February 28th, the association Can Arkadaş informed on its premises in Hanover-Mitte about the increasing bullying attacks among younger citizens and presented their work in this regard

  M. Puya Eslami | 03.03.2022

Solemn virgil

Common front against agitation

More than 2,000 citizens from the city and region gathered on January 14, 2022 on Hanover's Opernplatz to promote solidarity and increased willingness to vaccinate.

  Martin Tönnies | 15.01.2022

Längste Nacht

Yalda-Feier in Hannover-Linden

Yalda stands for a "festival of light" - and is celebrated in the Persian cultural area during the night with the most dark hours, i.e. around December 20th every year.

  Martin Tönnies | 23.12.2021

30 Years Faust

Faust invites you to "Meet & Greet"

  | 18.10.2021

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