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Kamiran Ramo

Artist interview

"If you say"Hello" it can happen that you will be stabbed"

Cartoonist Kamiran Ramo talks about his main theme “the wounds of the heart““ and the differences between Syria and Germany.

  Abdulrahman Afif | 16.04.2018

Can you give a short introduction of yourself to our readers?

My name is Kamiran Ramo. My date of birth is different from the date shown in my identity card Where I come from the father always makes the children younger than what they are. They think that their son can so stay at home longer and help with the work at home.The fathers and grandfathers think like that there. I was born on 4th. January 1979.

When did you begin with art?

15 years ago.

What happened at this period in time, why did you begin to draw?

From a mood. It happened like that in those days: I met someone who boasted and praised his drawings excessively, although they were only very simple drawings. I just thought: I can do it better.

Which picture did you draw first?

That was a bird, a human being with wings.It was inspired by a picture by Picasso

What does that mean for you?

Picasso's perceptions war that it represents peace to our prophet Jesus Christus. Feathers were grown on him and he flew. This belief is behind this picture. I have dealt with this the same way as Picasso did.

Is the person in the picture an angel?

Yes, that was Picasso's imagination of the picture.

I have noticed that you have drawn many girls and young men, whose hearts are bleeding or are injured …

These wounds are symbols of my old wounds.Three quarters of my pictures deal with the theme, that you have described. I also like eyes and other movements. Especially the eyes of young women. I also like to draw the heads of birds.

What kind of birds do you paint?

I draw mainly “free birds” in other words eagles. I never draw it completely.
Mostly just the head.

You always draw in pencil, don't you like colours?

Colours do not interest me. The expression of the pencil already offers many possibilities – it represents the wounds and pains of the people very well. If one draws with the pencil, one can bring the picture to speak: why it was drawn and what the goal was, goes out of that Picture itself. It then shows us his suffering. As for the colours: I can mix them and paint a picture of them, but that's not my concern, I do not care.

Who or what influences your art? Are you by nature in Derbassia, your home town,or influenced by other paintings?

No, not by nature in Derbassia, rather the artificial aura of certain works of art. The living conditions and the atmosphere are different from where i come from.

What do you mean by this?

In this country the people live well,there they are always dominated by deficiencies.

If an artist in Derbassia draws a beautiful girl, does it mean there is something missing from her for him?

Yes, that's right. If you say“hallo” to a young girl it can happen that you will be stabbed or beheaded. Such things happen there.

voegel_und_eine_hand.png voegel_und_eine_hand.png voegel_und_eine_hand.png voegel_und_eine_hand.png voegel_und_eine_hand.png voegel_und_eine_hand.png voegel_und_eine_hand.png

Sometimes the viewers in your pictures find fantastic worlds, as if they reflect your dreams. You can feel a beauty ideal.

It is exactly like that. The picture that is painted should be able to talk about itself. The painter does not need to say anything about it.

Where did you draw those pictures that you show me?

In Syria and Iraq.

And here in Germany you draw almost no more, you lack the space or the time?

No, I have room, that's not the problem. One square meter is enough for me to paint. There are also opportunities to do so, but I feel like I'm suffocating.

Then it is a mental problem …

Right – that's right. When people are not feeling well, being creative is difficult.

Do you mean your family?

Exactly, I miss my family, their absence bothers me. It saddens me more and more. That way I can not concentrate, it does not work right, I have to keep thinking of her. When I draw something, there is always something different than what I really want.

Are there any differences between your pictures you painted here and those you made in Syria?

The pain and suffering seen on the pictures from there are bigger.

What topics have the pictures you drew here?

The pictures from my homeland treat the oppression of the Syrian people. But this is better for people. They have everything, but they always want to escape from their everyday lives. Often they laugh, but I do not think they are happy. Often they are actually annoyed or depressed. When you look at a 15-year-old girl, it feels like she's carrying the entire burden of the world on her shoulders. Her face looks more serious, making her older than she actually is. She looks like a 25-year-old in Syria. Social life is often overcooled, so people are fleeing their reality.

But you have not yet drawn the suffering of the people here? Will you do it if you have the opportunity?

Yes, absolutely.

Did you have relationships with artists from other cities, such as Amuda or Qamishli, in your home country?

No, I always went to Damascus and sold my paintings there, most of them to British tourists. You paid well for it.

Would you like to make exhibitions here in Hannover, if you have the opportunity?

First, I am urgently looking for a job so that I can bring my family here. This is currently the highest priority. The painting and drawing will come back. First of all, I have to stand on my own two feet here. If I had a job, I would make an exhibition again.

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