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A risky massage?

Thai Massage

A young daring explorer visited a local masseur and lived to tell the tale.

  Hannah L. | 21.09.2018

Learning languages

Fear of accents

Accents are a huge part of our heritage and cultural identity. But how do you deal when your accent stands in your way? Could your self esteem suffer because of how your speech is perceived?

  Kayero Sanda | 11.09.2018

Und ganz

Putting your foot in it

"And really a lot of money from the Germans!"

How does one hand over a present of money at a wedding?

  Helga-Barbara Gundlach | 18.05.2018

Donald Trump

Commentary on Donald Trump

"greater and even more powerful"

"America first“ - also his slogan at his inauguration on 20th January 2017. Trump has been in office for a year and has already broken a lot of china. How long must the world put up with him?

  Wolfgang Becker | 20.01.2018


Putting your foot in it-column

Just a simple hug can lead to humiliation

How do you say goodbye correctly in public.

  Helga-Barbara Gundlach | 01.03.2017

Your are going to be fine_Buchausschnitt

Why read?

Books maketh the man

“The luxury of reading, having a quiet moment to focus on thoughtful prose or concise theories made simple for the work-swamped layperson.“

  Hannah L. |

Paar im Sonnenuntergang_Symbolbild

Romantic love

We are not Hollywood

Ever seen a romantic movie and wondered why your relationship looks nothing like it? Are you settling for less because of this? More likely the pretentious romanticization in mainstream media!

  Kayero Sanda |



Football Fever

Every four years people in Germany are afflicted with a strange fever, a strong affinity for red, black and gold. Sufferers report such stripes on their faces, shirts, and almost everywhere they go.

  Hannah L. |

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