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Culture and Portraits

kulturhauptstadt hannover

Cultural Capital Competition


Via Live stream Hannoverians yesterday followed together with the Lord Mayor Belit Onay in the New Town hall the next decisive round to the Cultural Capital 2025

  Redaktion | 12.12.2019


Interview about the book

Bring the language onto the stage

The students should reach B1 language level with me, but they have already reached B2 through this project “ Amalia Sdroulia tells

  Claudia Ermel | 31.01.2019

Nähprojekt AWO 1

Vocational orientation

Learn to sew and practice your German

Women from six countries test their abilities on a sewing machine and improve their language skills at the same time

  Konrad Boidol | 31.08.2018

Constance Meurer

Volunteers sought

The "Sprachzauber" (linguistic magic) enters a new phase

With a variety of ideas volunteers can motivate kindergarten children to speak. Interested parties have the opportunity once again to work in the project at the Volunteer Centre.

  Konrad Boidol | 03.08.2018

Künstlergruppe zur Ausstellung

Creative museum visit

Create something new in the spirit of epochs

Artists are inspired by the aura of historical objects: artists create, write and make music in the Museum August Kestner. Their results will be presented in August.

  Konrad Boidol | 11.06.2018

Kamiran Ramo

Artist interview

"If you say"Hello" it can happen that you will be stabbed"

Cartoonist Kamiran Ramo talks about his main theme “the wounds of the heart““ and the differences between Syria and Germany.

  Abdulrahman Afif | 16.04.2018


What is Newroz?

The more than four thousand year old festival is celebrated by several cultures

  Mahabad Allaie | 02.03.2018

Ali Omar spielt die Oud


The Syrian musician Ali Omar was made stateless in his own country.

As his status is only a refugee with subsidiary protection status (only partial recognition as refugee) family reunification with his eldest son was turned down.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 11.09.2017

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Welt-in-Hannover.de bedankt sich herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung bei den vielen ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern, sowie zahlreichen Organisationen und hofft auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

Schirmherrin des Projekts Welt-in-Hannover.de ist Frau Doris Schröder-Köpf, Landesbeauftragte für Migration und Teilhabe.

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