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Clear text on Sunday– A radio broadcast answers the questions from citizens to the Lord Mayor

  Claudia Ermel | 31.03.2021

Always at a distance because of Corona? Our Lord Mayor (OB) is still very close to the citizen: through a new radio format. Plain text on Sunday - The Politics Talk by Radio Hannover and the (political journal ) Politikjournal Rundblick proves that citizen questioning hours also work on the radio. For a few weeks now, Mayor Belit Onay in Hanover has been answering questions from listeners every Sunday. It's a lot easier than going to the town hall anyway. Could he continue after the pandemic, right?

How does that work?

Simply write down your questions to the mayor using (the form) Formular on the Radio Hannover website, stating your name. On the following Sunday, Belit Onay will answer this in conversation with Martin Brüning from the “Rundblick”. "I think it's nice to be able to respond to the individual concerns of Hanoverians in this way, to discuss current topics in this challenging time and to give insights into the city administration and our work," writes Belit Onay on Facebook. A recording of the conversations is always available to listen to online - for example on SoundCloud,YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify (under the keyword “Klartext am Sonntag with Belit Onay”).

Is there increasing civil disobedience or is it more of a civil confusion?

But maybe it makes sense to hear beforehand which urgent public questions have already been dealt with. It is actually quite a bunch of questions that the mayor has already been presented with. It was about the "crazy" Corona regulations, the digitalization of administration, overfilled rubbish bins, the safety of cyclists, traffic calming in the city, dog tax increases and high garbage fees. Violence and a feeling of security in the city were an issue, as were the planned high-speed cycle path on the Mittelland Canal and the cycle routes in the city. It was about the shooting and folk festivals and of course also about individual corona rules. Why, for example, are driving schools allowed to continue teaching, but general education schools and music schools are not? What about the furniture stores and hardware stores?

In any case, Belit Onay never tires of explaining to the citizens why certain measures were decided by the administration. Even those that are not directly related to Corona. Although, of course, he is worried about the pandemic. When asked whether there was increasing evidence of civil disobedience, he replied with a slight sarcasm in one of his programs that more of a civilian confusion could be seen. The general uncertainty should now come to an end, explained the law graduate. He told about the concrete Hanoverian way to contain Corona that had just been decided. The city of Hanover's website now explains in detail which Regeln (rules) currently apply. The city administration also seems to be quite clear that the growing resentment of the citizens is more due to the great confusion of the decision-makers - at all political levels, by the way - than to deliberate civil disobedience.

Regardless of whether your questions to Belit Onay have to do with the pandemic or with completely different hot topics in our city, on Sundays at 11 a.m. you have a chance to get an answer (sometimes without a press officer). Then go ahead and speak plain text.


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