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Belit Onay (Grüne) Portrait von Sven Brauers

Lord Mayor Run-Off-Commentary

More diversity in the townhall

My commentary on the Lord Mayor Election in Hannover which sends a great signal for our liberal-minded state capital.

  Claudia Ermel | 10.11.2019

Veranstaltung zur OB-Wahl auf dem Platz vor der Marktkirche

Hannover has voted

The second round is on 10.11.2019

Onay (Grüne) and Scholz (Candidate of the CDU) go into a run-off on the10th of November .

  Wolfgang Becker | 29.10.2019

Ob-Wahl Podiumsdiskussion1

Lord Mayor Candidates at FAUST

"That is democracy !“

Moderated by Hanna Legatis, five of the ten registered candidates for the Lord Mayor Election in Hannover were answering citizens' questions at FAUST e.V. Warenannahme

  Claudia Ermel | 15.10.2019

FES Studie Titel

FES-Migration Study

Migration as a chance for Germany?

A study by FES shows how divided the opinions in the population are. MISOs ( migration groups) should raise their profile.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 21.09.2019


Global strike on 20.09.

Now it's #Everythingfortheclimate

The young climate movement has called for a world-wide climate strike for the 20.09..What's so special: This time all generations are expected to be on the streets.

  Torben Danielowski | 12.09.2019

Biergarten Gretchen Faust

Refugee Council Lower Saxony

Festival on the occasion of the 35 year jubilee

We congratulate you and hope to see you carry on the successful work in the future.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 08.08.2019

Symbolbild mit Kandidat*innen zur OB-Wahl 2019

Reorgansation of LIP

"Of course it's a matter for the boss"

On 27th.October 2019 a new Lord Mayor (OB) will be elected in Hannover. We asked the candidates for this post about the local integration plan.(LIP)

  Wolfgang Becker | 07.08.2019


Protest in Langenhagen

Hannover as the deportation centre of Lower Saxony ?

On Thursday afternoon about seventy people demonstrated near the airport against the planned central deportation authority next to the deportation prison.

  Torben Danielowski | 04.07.2019

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