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Ich habe überlebt

Human Rights for Women,too

"I survived "

Sexual violence : Ute Neumann, the present DGB-Bezirksjugendsekretärin,( trade union youth secretary) has talked about her disquieting childhood experiences and the long years of reappraisal.

  Claudia Ermel | 26.11.2018

Genervte Sprechblase_böse guckend

"Wir sind das Volk"

Two current investigations into the supporters of the AfD

"To hell with the right-wing populists. But - unfortunately- -they win elections." The Bertelsmann-Stiftung and the German Insttute for economic research analyse the causes.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 29.10.2018



Give Aids no chance, but reach out to Aids sufferers

HIV positive? "Live positively together " is the motto in 2018 again for Aids Help

  Claudia Ermel | 24.09.2018

Volker Weiß_Publizist und Historiker


The New Right

The movement of the new right is struggling to gain influence with a new strategy .
Volker Weiß,publicist and historian, talks about this in the Kulturzentrum Faust.

  Pavel Ramme | 10.07.2018

Podium Famiiennachzug

Insights and Answers

to family reunion "Hope alternates with doubts"

Many refugees are denied the right to live with family members in Germany. Under the motto "Family Welcome" it was discussed in the cultural centre Faust.

  Wolfgang Becker | 28.05.2018

Kundgebung von Kurden

Kurds in Afrin

To fight with the Assad-Regime against the Turks "is less bitter“.

“The Kurds in Afrin don't have any other choice“ – A talk with Tengezar Marini.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 12.03.2018

Human rights for children, too

Children get to know their rights

Entertaining and lively: A workshop for primary school children in the Community Centre Linden on the theme of human rights.

  Claudia Ermel | Bertille Tchapda | 05.12.2017

Demonstation der Ezidinnen gegen den Feminzid

Demonstration by Yezidis

International Day of Action against femizide

Female Kurds have also been demonstrating for a memorial to the massacre of Sindschar and ask women from all over the world to show solidarity.

  Claudia Ermel | Azad Caan | 04.08.2017

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