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Wolfgang Becker

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Zari mit Wolfgang

Afghanistan – nothing is good

„The situation in the country is very diificult “

Under the impression of terrorist attacks, the NATO allies stop their evacuation flights from Kabul. Tens of thousands of Afghans are left behind and a disaster for the West

  Wolfgang Becker | 28.08.2021

Rohinga Frau mit Kind

Rohingya from Myanmar

„they ignore human rights and democracy“

Over one million people of the Muslim minority of the Rohinga are at present living in Bengali refugee camps.
A return to Myanmar is today further away than ever.

  Wolfgang Becker | 22.03.2021

Portrait Martin Tönnies

Corona with no end in sight

Martin doesn't go to the hairdresser's

the Corona-Lockdown goes on and on, but Kindergarten and Primary Schools have been open and hairdresser's are open again from March 1st.

  Wolfgang Becker | 24.02.2021

Zeit Zentrum Zivilcourage_Außenansicht

Time Centre moral courage

A " place of learning for democracy!"

The Zeitzentrum moral courage wants to draw a line from National Socialism to the present. The Faust cultural centre is also involved in the opening in mid-March

  Wolfgang Becker | 21.01.2021

Edward Snowden_Permanent Record_Buchcover

Snowden Autobiography

„Permanent record“ – The life story of a whistleblower

The man lives in Moscow today. 2013 he disclosed the mass surveillance in the net by the secret services .Now he has brought out a book about his life.

  Wolfgang Becker | 09.12.2020

LIP 2.0-Banner auf der Bühne mit Konfetti

"Diversity is our strength"

Strategy paper to the Lokalen Integrationsplan LIP 2.0 (Local integration plan)

  Wolfgang Becker | 26.11.2020

Uni-Bau Nordstadt

„Leibniz School of Education“ remains controversial

The planned "Leibniz School of Education" continues to be opposed by many local residents. Objections however are being ignored in the building permit process

  Wolfgang Becker | Martin Tönnies | 12.06.2020

Demo gegen Polizeigewalt und Rassismus_IIK-Foto

Against racism

„No justice – no Peace“

As a memorial to the murder of George Floyd in the USA and as a statement against racially motivated violence
also in this country thousands took to the streets on the 6th of June 2020 in Hannover

  Wolfgang Becker | 08.06.2020

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