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Book review

The book about anti- racism for young people from 10 until 17

What is racism ? Where does it come from? Why does it exist ? And the most important question of all .What can I do about it?

  Claudia Ermel | 08.10.2020

Foto: Aurélia Durand

"The book of anti-racism ...

... introduces the concepts of racism, ethnicity and social identity

... gives hope through inspiring stories of strength, courage and love

... explains language, tools and actions to stop racism "

A book as colourful as our multicultural society has long been, invites adolescents to deal with this rather gloomy subject on several levels. The book offers a successful interplay of descriptions of actual events, historical backgrounds and small exercises for self-reflection in the midst of lovingly drawn, colourful illustrations.

The authors Tiffany Jewell (text) and Aurélia Durand (illustrations) speak through this work to a generation that might otherwise be more interested in manga or science fiction. With its very attractive appearance and loose design, the book creates access to a rather unpleasant, sometimes complex or even complicated topic. The importance of the topic is illustrated in detail in all its facets. But the two makers build a bridge that even serves up the jumble of terminology in light, colourful bites.

From BIPOC about intersectionality to microaggression and white privileges

In 20 chapters, which could also be understood as a small checklist for a kind of personality workshop, Tiffany Jewell tells stories from the lives of those affected. It explains the numerous technical terms that have emerged in the meantime and gives tips on how the new knowledge could be applied. While some chapters also deal with the readers' own identity, a larger passage is also dedicated to the history of racism and tries to explain how it comes about.

"In a racist society, it is not enough not to be racist. We have to be anti-racist." - Angela Davis

It goes without saying that, after all, many possible activities are proposed in order to stand up against racism. But after reading the book at the latest, all readers will have learned what “savourisme” is. The BIPoC (Black Indigenous People of Color) do not want or need to be saved, explains the author in the book. Rather, it is about all people being valued equally, given the same rights and opportunities.

Empowerment could be the solution

But regardless of whether institutional or personal racism is recognized by members of the privileged white community, everyone should show solidarity against racism.

Tiffany Jewell shows her readers, how they can ask questions about their own behaviour – and they canpossibly alter it afterwards . As in the blurb the Institut für Diskriminierungsfreie Bildung is also named as the co-editor, the book could certainly be used in schools.

Here is a Podcast about the subject, which is linked to www.diskriminierungsfreie-bildung.de .

"The book about anti-racism" by Tiffany Jewell and Aurélia Durand
Translated by Elvira Willems
For jyoung adults from 10 -17years of age
Zuckersüß Verlag 164 Pages Hardback
ISBN 9783982137933

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