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Give Aids no chance, but reach out to Aids sufferers

HIV positive? "Live positively together " is the motto in 2018 again for Aids Help

  Claudia Ermel | 24.09.2018

A risky massage?

Thai Massage

A young daring explorer visited a local masseur and lived to tell the tale.

  Hannah L. | 21.09.2018

Weltkindertag 2018

Children need space

Motto for the World children's Day on 20.09.2018

  Natalia Hartung | 18.09.2018

Learning languages

Fear of accents

Accents are a huge part of our heritage and cultural identity. But how do you deal when your accent stands in your way? Could your self esteem suffer because of how your speech is perceived?

  Kayero Sanda | 11.09.2018

Speak to me!

Reading Museum August Kestner

Event "Speak to me!"

Eight artists presented the results of their work "Beziehungskiste".(problems in a relationship) in the Museum August Kestner

  Martin Tönnies | 04.09.2018

Nähprojekt AWO 1

Vocational orientation

Learn to sew and practice your German

Women from six countries test their abilities on a sewing machine and improve their language skills at the same time

  Konrad Boidol | 31.08.2018

Constance Meurer

Volunteers sought

The "Sprachzauber" (linguistic magic) enters a new phase

With a variety of ideas volunteers can motivate kindergarten children to speak. Interested parties have the opportunity once again to work in the project at the Volunteer Centre.

  Konrad Boidol | 03.08.2018

Volker Weiß_Publizist und Historiker


The New Right

The movement of the new right is struggling to gain influence with a new strategy .
Volker Weiß,publicist and historian, talks about this in the Kulturzentrum Faust.

  Pavel Ramme | 10.07.2018

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