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Klartext am Sonntag

Belit Onay on Radio Hannover

Just ask the Lord Mayor

Clear text on Sunday– A radio broadcast answers the questions from citizens to the Lord Mayor

  Claudia Ermel | 31.03.2021

Rohinga Frau mit Kind

Rohingya from Myanmar

„they ignore human rights and democracy“

Over one million people of the Muslim minority of the Rohinga are at present living in Bengali refugee camps.
A return to Myanmar is today further away than ever.

  Wolfgang Becker | 22.03.2021

Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi_Portraitfoto

Open letter

AfD: "MiSO presents a partner society" - from the MiSO-board Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi

Open letter to the Hannoverian councellor Frank Jacobs, AfD (Alternative for Germany).

  Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi | 16.03.2021

For human rights in Iran

Demonstration of support with Baluchistan

  M. Puya Eslami | 10.03.2021

Das neue Strategiepapier_Coverfoto

We are Hannover

"Living together in the City" Strategies for migration and participation“

Description of the important content and commentary.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 23.02.2021

Gedenken an den Anschlag in Hanau im Februar 2020_Gedenktafel

In rememberance of Hanau

“The victims must become visible“

Nation wide demonstrations to the anniversary of the racist attack on 19.02.2020 in Hanau.

  Claudia Ermel | 21.02.2021

Zeit Zentrum Zivilcourage_Außenansicht

Time Centre moral courage

A " place of learning for democracy!"

The Zeitzentrum moral courage wants to draw a line from National Socialism to the present. The Faust cultural centre is also involved in the opening in mid-March

  Wolfgang Becker | 21.01.2021

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