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Refugee flies in the Marktkirche?

How a work of art in Hannover has become a political issue.

  Claudia Ermel | 01.11.2018

I had just planned to include the beautiful new stained-glass window in the Marktkirche, which Chancellor Schröder wanted to donate to the community, in my new postcard collection with self-photographed Hannover motifs. Once it has finally been installed. But now I have to learn that this artistic gem of Markus Lüpertz is just becoming a political issue. Sure, that was already the case with the Nanas, or with other modern sculptures in the pedestrian zone. Some you love, some you hate. And the public discussion must first endure art fanatics. For this church window, there was a lot of criticism from the very beginning, especially because of the thick flies in the picture. I found it particularly realistic. At home during the last few days they have just been sitting on my windows. These quite fat examples are just seeking the warmth of my apartment. They are on the run from the cold. Refugee flies, so to speak. Who knows, maybe that was the imaginary symbolism of the artist who incorporated theminto the church window. Are the flies symbols, as it were, for the locked-away refugees who ask for sanctuary, or something like that? Imagination has no limits in its interpretation. And a work of art should not necessarily please everyone.

But this time it is very different. It's not just about the different tastes. It's about the architectural copyright of the church. If the architect were still alive, that would be understandable, because of the sensitive soul of the creative. But the copyright heir refuses to install the window that Gerhard Schröder wants to donate to the parish. The heir probably has something against Schröder, nothing against the flies. Has Schröder deliberately initiated this affront? Oh dear, what a disaster!

That's really all the same to me - and certainly to most of the parishioners - presumably to all citizens of Hannover. Anyway, I just want to finally take a picture of this window. What are we going to do with the donation? Could not the jewel be simply fitted into the ruined Aegidienkirche? Or do the British have copyrights to their bombing design?

Maybe Schröder should take a back seat for once, and just put that annoying window in his kitchen. I would also come to the photo shoot.

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