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Logo Corona Hilfe Hannover

Corona- help site online

At www.coronahilfe-hannover.de you will find our new multi-lingual information site all about the theme "Corona".


Logo Corona Hilfe Hannover

Corona- help site online

At www.coronahilfe-hannover.de you will find our new multi-lingual information site all about the theme "Corona".


Event tip


Kunstausstelung von Zaven

Artist's Portrait

Windows of memories

The actual exhibition in Kargah kiosk shows paintings from Zaven Hovhannisyan. Ani Gabrielyan talked to the artist about his life and his artistry

  Ani Gabrielyan | 27.03.2020


Book review

"Slow years" by Fernando Aramburu

In the novei "Slow Years" by Fernando Aramburu a boy tells his family history in San Sebastian in the sixties.
The terror of the Basques ETA has already begun.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 24.03.2020


Demo " Open borders 2020"

Radio Flora presents some speech contributions

1500 people demonstrated at the beginning of March 2020 in Hannover against European isolation policy. They sent a signal in support of safer escape routes and freedom of movement for everybody .

  Hossein Naghipour | 19.03.2020


Rundfunk Radio_Symbolbild

Demand for multi-lingual

audiovisual reporting on television and radio

The intercultural kargah e. V. calls for public broadcasters to guarantee that everybody in our country will be informed without exception.

"It would be recommendable to broadcast compact articles of two minutes each in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English after the German reporting, which would mean an additional reporting of eight minutes, but could ultimately save lives."


Psychosoziale Beratung

Telephone help for traumatised refugees

Every language has an extra Telephone number

The network for traumatised refugees in Lower Saxony offers multilingual advice.

In order to minimize the risk of infection with COVID 19 for everyone, no personal interviews or consultation hours will take place in the NTFN's Psychosocial Centres until April 10, 2020. We offer telephone psychological and psychosocial counselling sessions:


Corona Virus_Infos der Integrationsbeauftragten

The integration representative

offers multi-lingual information about Corona

12 languages / the information is being constantly extended and revised.



Day of human rights

When will resistance become obligatory?

Laura Heda and Kathrin Apelt from the human rights alliance ask this question

  Martin Tönnies | 10.12.2019

Mixed Bag


Almost a gloss

Since COVID-19 toilet paper has become the new gold ! Are we sh....ting ourselves?

"Solidarity instead of hoarding" Hardly likely in this society full of egotists.

  Claudia Ermel | 20.03.2020

Culture city plan

House of Resources

Das House of Resources - Hannover and Region

Telephone: (0511) 545 719 56

Contact persons:

Abayomi O. Bankole

Dina Krivorutskaya

Jan-Egil Gubenis




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