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Klartext am Sonntag

Belit Onay on Radio Hannover

Just ask the Lord Mayor

Clear text on Sunday– A radio broadcast answers the questions from citizens to the Lord Mayor

  Claudia Ermel | 31.03.2021

Klartext am Sonntag

Belit Onay on Radio Hannover

Just ask the Lord Mayor

Clear text on Sunday– A radio broadcast answers the questions from citizens to the Lord Mayor

  Claudia Ermel | 31.03.2021

Lokaler Integrationsplan LIP

LIP Lab Projektsymbolbild

LIP Lab - the review of the local integration plan

The local integration plan LIP for Hanover is currently being updated. And because everyone should have a say in our diverse, democratic urban society, all Hanoverians can and should participate in the redesign. Our Welt-in-Hannover.de/liplab is to be found in our Lip Laboratory...



Rohinga Frau mit Kind

Rohingya from Myanmar

„they ignore human rights and democracy“

Over one million people of the Muslim minority of the Rohinga are at present living in Bengali refugee camps.
A return to Myanmar is today further away than ever.

  Wolfgang Becker | 22.03.2021

Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi_Portraitfoto

Open letter

AfD: "MiSO presents a partner society" - from the MiSO-board Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi

Open letter to the Hannoverian councellor Frank Jacobs, AfD (Alternative for Germany).

  Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi | 16.03.2021

Das neue Strategiepapier_Coverfoto

We are Hannover

"Living together in the City" Strategies for migration and participation“

Description of the important content and commentary.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 23.02.2021


Belit Onay

Ask Belit Onay questions on the radio

Plain text on Sinday with the Lord Mayor

From now on you will find out every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. what moves Hanover's citizens. Anyone can submit questions in writing in advance. Max Brüning (Rundblick Lower Saxony moderates the programmes and asks the mayor the submitted questions, sometimes asks for details, chats with the mayor and creates a relaxed podcast atmosphere.Article to the broadcast.

Link to the form for questions from citizens here.


Hannover umterm Hakenkreuz Stadtspaziergang_Symbolbild

City walk "Hannover under the Swastika"

Places of persecution and resistance

Dates and registration at www.stattreisen-hannover.de

The gradual marginalization of the Jewish citizens up to the point of deportation, the persecution of the Sinti and Roma and the role of the church during the National Socialist period are topics of this walk. Revolt and resistance are also discussed.


Zeitung zum Internationalen Frauentag 2021_Cover

The newspaper to the International Women's Day 2021 is here!

Cenral theme: Effects of the Corona crisis on women

On 8th March it's the International Women's Day. Here we can find the edition of the newspaper of thedes Hannoverian Women's Alliance for 2021.


Event tip

Faust TV-Logo

Tomorrow | 8pm


The Hannover-Culture-Talk

The work of association-supported district cultural institutions using the example of two institutions in Hainholz and Kleefeld

Hainholz - the district check

Kleefeld - the district check

A city tour through Hainholz and Kleefeld

Studio guests: tba

The special shop: tba

Live music: Joy Bogat & Band

The literary word for Friday: Tobias Kunze

Check out the Live-Stream!



Mixed Bag

Portrait Martin Tönnies

Corona with no end in sight

Martin doesn't go to the hairdresser's

the Corona-Lockdown goes on and on, but Kindergarten and Primary Schools have been open and hairdresser's are open again from March 1st.

  Wolfgang Becker | 24.02.2021

Culture city plan

Stadtbibliothek Linden

Stadtbibliothek Linden

Library as a centre for information for young and old

Phone: (0511) - 168 4 21 80

Opening hours:

Monday, Thursday 11am - 7pm
Tuesday, Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm




Lindener Marktplatz 1
30449 Hannover
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Welt-in-Hannover.de bedankt sich herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung bei den vielen ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern, sowie zahlreichen Organisationen und hofft auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

Schirmherrin des Projekts Welt-in-Hannover.de ist Frau Doris Schröder-Köpf, Landesbeauftragte für Migration und Teilhabe.

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